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Where is the support of China home electric appliance manufacturer international

Recent time, the internationalization trouble that TCL and Changhong met makes us reconsider internationalization for China electronic enterprise.

The author think, internationalization experience of Europe, America, Japan and Korea who have realized internationalization before others should not become the example for China electronic industry. Because no matter from product technology or ways of competition, global electronic industry has occurred qualitative change, China electronic industry has already been placed in a new global electronic industry environment, we must find new ways to finish our internationalization task.

For any industry, there are two factors for forming internationalization competitive force. One is guarantee of integral circuit, chip etc. basic electronic technology; the other is guarantee of organizing business charms. Basic electronic technology is the foundation of may kinds of electronic industries’ development. It can make sure its electronic industry form will not restrict or annoy or international competitors, and combine all kinds of competitive products according to different requirements. And organizing form that cover all over the world and can exert his basic technology industry advantage is the warranty to organize the most competitive production factor, which can make his own products cover all over the world successfully.

Form the angle of internationalization key support, at present there is two modes for China enterprise’s internationalization: one is the way of internationalization of Haier national brand, to invest oversea by its brand; the other one is the way of TCL and Legend: To merge internationalization brand to carry out internationalization. We should say these methods are very weak, because they haven’t got the support of electronic technology that has the foundation of the country. The former way is the extension of global market space, start from demands base on the existing industrial chain position. The later is to take over backward manufacture industry, which lies in the end of the industrial chain. Our enterprises are badly restricted in the single edge frame of “business cooperation in terminal products and no cooperation in key technology”. So, if embark on the two ways of internationalization, more we can get is the practice of organizing operation procedure in global business environment. And that is just superficial internationalization but not vivid and all-round internationalization.

the global industry environment that grow up period of China electronic industry facing is totally different from what Europe, America, Japan and Korea met. Today’s global electronic industry has entered a unique technology updating period, the feature of this time is rapid increasing investment to original technology, but this investment can not guarantee the commercialized market can get the investment back, the risk of technology investment become larger. In this situation, for electronic industry that needs to catch up with others, the difficulty of obtaining basic electronic technology is never seen of before.

In fact, the procedure of China electronic industry internationalization is the procedure that global electronic industry chain climbing from the bottom to the top. During this procedure, the key is now to create original electronic technology, this should be the most important internationalization lesson for China electronic industry.

Under the situation that technology investment risk become bigger, technology update speed become faster, and China enterprise is still not clear to the operation of internationalization, it is hard for administer to fast cultivate a big lab as big as Silicon Valley. But this kind of lab is absolutely can not missing, it should be considered as the core basic foundation as the whole electronic industry internationalization. In the new global electronic competition environment, if will be hard if one want to solve this gap of basic technology relying on capital accumulation of the industry itself. Administer should exert the lead function, to use larger government investment method to make this gap smaller. So, the most importance for China electronic industry internationalization is not enterprise going out, but to improve its basic electronic technology.

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