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China small household electric appliance begin to compete with international bra

The latest information from China Hardware Product Association shows that: shaver products made in China is active in domestic and foreign medium and low class product market by its original style, rich variety, exquisite packing and low price. The representative famous enterprises and brands are: Superman, Feike, Daheng, Dingling etc. Till now, these products have already owns 70 percent of the domestic market, and constantly develop to medium and high class market, to compete international brand like Philip. China shaver also becomes one of the fast developing small home electric products in domestic market. They are working on the develop foreground of “ Small product, big market”.

China shaver industry develop from 1980s, as a fast developing light industry products, at recent years the development trend is suddenly, and it formed two manufacturing bases in Zhejiang province and Guangdong Province, performing the situation of local brands competing with international brands

International brand occupy high class market as firm as a mountain

According to the St., in 2004 brands listed in top of international shaver sales relatively are: Philip 15 million; InterFace Excel 9.5 million, Panasonic 7.5 million, Superman 6.6 million. The three brand, Philip, Panasonic and InterFace Excel still firmly occupy the top three position.

There is one point can not be ignored, China shaver industry that has formed industrial advantage in product quality, quantity and domestic and foreign market share still have long distance in patent while comparing with international brands. For example: Philip shaver has more than 100 items patents in our country at present, there are more than 70 items involves in core technology. But most shaver patents of Chinese shaver are mainly outlook patents, invention patent takes up very little amount.

Local enterprise begin to show its competitive power

Just because many national brands deeply realized this difference, they begin to embark on the hard brand road: build up China famous brand, to set foot in world market. Private enterprises in Zhejiang Province made good use of superior development environment of the coastal situation, continuingly explore potential of its self, which make crucial effect for developing China shaver industry.

At present, Zhejiang has already formed “China (Wenzhou) Shaver Manufacture Base”, “Yuzhao Simen Zhejiang Province Shaver Industry Special Area”, and the largest shaver manufacturer in China---China Superman Group. While competing with domestic and foreign brands, China local shaver brands realized qualitative leap in production scale and market share. Among them, in 2004, as the largest shaver manufacturer in China, Superman Group listed in the fourth of global shaver sales, surpassed international small home electric appliance magnates----Remington in America and Hitachi of Japan. In domestic market, Superman taken up 19 percent by 4.4 million shavers listed the first in the trade for eight years. While Philip taken up 16 percent market by 4 million shavers; sales of Panasonic is 1.8 million shavers, taken up 7 percent; InterFace Excel taken up 5 percent market share by 1 million shavers. In addition, Superman group has various products with more than 287 independent intelligent properties. The product is sold in 90 percent large emporiums, supermarkets and stores. At present, Superman shaver is successfully listed in purchase plan of Wal-mart, Califo etc. to serve global customers better. In the United States, market share of Superman is up to 8 percent.

As leader of China shaver industry, General manager of Superman group indicated that the future development goal of Superman is: enter World top 3 in 2007; till 2020, in all export products, export Superman brand product will raise from 30 percent at percent to 80 percent.

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