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High-end brand of air to water heaters prices staged Relay

  April 9, 2011, Premier Wen Jiabao presided over the three provinces in Ningbo, the economic situation in the forum stressed that although the world economy begins to slow recovery, the domestic situation is generally good, but now the two big domestic enterprises encounter difficulties: the first is raw materials prices; second is cost-push. The two prices are to enable enterprises to face a difficult operating pressure, and I hope that every business to prepare ahead of time to overcome the difficulties.
Environment of rising prices in the country, the air to the water heater industry is no exception, the air can be raw materials such as copper products, steel, refrigeration etc prices continue to rise, companies are increasing the cost of human resources. Shrinking corporate profits continue to "blood loss", price is no longer just a trend, it is a must. Long Ling, sending Wal-brand high-end air to water heaters prices have been gradually staged relay. In the past few years, as the representative of Kosovo to send air to the high-end brand, relying on its proven channel, the team and the great advantages of cost control, continuous air to the industry bottom line price break, but the profits here have long been dedicated to markets, raw materials and lead prices to respond to the challenges of rising labor costs will be reasonable enough.

  High prices of air to the brand, while the corresponding number of little influence on the market are extremely cautious of small brands, has even lower prices. For these small businesses, due to its lack of overall competitiveness, they can survive is to rely on the premise of low price is often low-quality products, if the price means the cost of sacrificing its low-end market.

  In addition to the above two ends of the business sector, the brand is fundamental to the midline wait and see attitude towards them, the scale of price increases at the expense, the expense of the market; do not sacrifice quality prices and sacrifice profits. The former relates to long-term development, which relates to the survival of the current plan, therefore, in the mid-air to water heater brands face the most difficult choices.

  All in all, the face of such market difficulties, companies will eventually make a deal to survive under the pressure of choice. In the air to the water heater when the industry is facing multiple obstacles, it was a shock adjustments. In such a difficult situation, the anti-risk ability of the high-end brand will be further opportunities for development.
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