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Experts teach you the scientific use of solar water heaters

    Recently published "tore firecrackers solar water heater," the report also opened for the solar water heater rights section, many readers into the phone, consulting in the use of solar water heaters are often encountered problems. To this end, also contacted the Nanjing Solar Energy Society, which had some useful little knowledge.

    Services are not in place to control the market

    With air-conditioning products, solar water heaters in not only a semi-finished before installation. According to the report, solar water heater installed in the outdoors, working environment, so installation is as important as design and manufacturing services. However, many vendors in order to save costs, cut corners in the product installation, shoddy. Mainly in the following areas:

    Use of inferior parts, instead of the original accessories. Temperature difference between inside and outside the solar pipes in winter and the poor, poor performance, poor quality parts resistant to thermal expansion and contraction, it is easy to freeze or block cracking, not only affect the normal use, is more serious is causing significant damage.

    Pipe insulation off, however, does not carry out regular inspection maintenance products. No-name pipe solar water heater pipe insulation outer covering layer of the plate using benzene foam boxes and other materials, without additional pipe insulation facilities, the weather cold, the water pipes freezing, the volume increases, burst water pipes .

    Expert: solar water heater needs periodic checks

    Contact King, president of Nanjing Solar Energy Society, he said, compared to electric water heaters and gas water heaters, solar water heaters save conventional energy, but also costs the economic costs of consumers, the relative disadvantage is dependent on sunlight and other climatic factors. In the solar water heater maintenance, Wang, president advised consumers to install solar roofs in the inaccessible, to avoid artificially damaged.

    At the same time, the user is on a roof inspection annually of solar equipment, pay attention to whether the vacuum tube color, if the appearance of tube from black to white, indicating that there is air leak tube will affect the thermal insulation effect.

    Water pipes in winter down to pay attention to whether aging or cracking, to prevent leakage; summer to pay attention to solar energy is firmly fixed to prevent damage by typhoons and other weather factors.

    Service Network consulting a newspaper reporter maintenance of solar energy master week, he told reporters that the maintenance of solar water heaters in the winter peak, average, twenty or thirty a day received a single repair, the main questions focused on the up and down the water pipes were frozen , the replacement of the price of water is 20 yuan / meter. By firecrackers during the Spring Festival tore collector tube solar water heater damage is one of the reasons the price of replacement tube more than 60 -100 per month.

    In addition, there is no water heater in case of dry damaged, replacement of electric heaters price of 120 yuan / only.

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