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Flash Hot Faucet
Electric Heating Faucet DR11A-2L033J
Rated voltage:220-240V OR 110V        Rate frequency:50HZ/60HZ
Rate efficiency:2500-3300W            Water pressure:0.04-0.6Mpa
Water proof grade:IPX4                Power cord required:3×1.5m
Min Ammeter required:10.5A-16A OR 23A Heating system:Bare heating element

Name: Electric Heating Faucet DR11A-2L033J

No.: DR11A-2L033J

Product details

Rated voltage    



Rated frequency


Rated power


Rated current


23 A

Heating system

Bare heating element    

Diameter of cable



Switch on water flow


Usage water flow

80L/h-150 L/h

Max water pressure


Fit water pressure


Waterproof grade


ApplicationSuitable for kitchen, bathroom, tube out of the wall; Can be rotated by 360, replacing the original faucet.

Main feature

A. European style, luxury, ultra-long life.

B. High sensitivity leakage protector, can cut off the bipolar power supply in 0.1 seconds.

C. 3 seconds fast heat, just like the ordinary faucet, easy to operate.

D. Inflow at the bottom, adjustable hot and cold water.

E. Electromechanical integration design, like the faucet but also the water heater.

Functional characteristics


High efficiency and energy saving, 3 seconds to be heating, simple installation, safe and durable.


Instant heating, changes in temperature at will

Turn on the faucet switch, hot water will come out in 2~3 seconds.mix cold and hot water by handle.


Saving electric & water ,cut down expenses

Instant water heating, full automatic control, no preheating, no wait, no waste, use hot water for one minute, only need 1 cent electric charge, economical and saving.


Prevent dry heating, adjustable water temperature

Ceramic water pressure switch design and unique overheating protection device, to ensure that no electrify when there is no water flow, to prevent dry heating accidents.

Easy for installation, easy to use

Convenient installation, replacing the original faucet ,in cold season, adjust the switch, there come out the hot water. In other seasons, adjust the switch to cold water, can be used as the traditional faucets.


There are a variety of vibrant colors for your choose: 
Luxury gold with silver edge
Porcelain white with red edge
Blue with silver edge

Black gold



Grey green


Silver with golden edge



Champagne gold with silver edge



Bordeaux red with silver edge

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