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Water Heater
Instant Electric Water Heater DR08A
1. Micro computer constant control, several levels are adjustable.
2. 304 stainless steel tank, can bear high pressure.
3. Water flow sensor switch, fault self-check.
4. Dry heating and overheat protection, Can bear high water pressure.
Instant Electric Water Heater DR07B (HYDRAULIC)
1. The water heater adjust the power according to different waterfow to keep constant temperature outlet. 2.Special heating type and the efficiency exceed 95%, suitable to use in hotel,cottage etc where require lot of water.
3. Water pipe and cable can be hidden or visible installation.
Instant Electric Water Heater DR06B
1. Electric constant control with several levels,LCD show leveland outlet temperature, it is clear at a glance.
2. Dry heating and overheat protection, Can bear high water pressure.
3. Control the inlet intellectively,can set it to stop heating once inlet temperature exceed 40°C,fit the Central water supply system.
Instant Electric Water Heater DR10C
Rated voltage:110V or 220-240V Rate frequency:50HZ/60HZ
Rate efficiency:3500W Water pressure:0.04-0.6Mpa
Water proof grade:IPX4 Diameter of cable:3×2.5m
Min Ammeter required:30A or 16A Electricity proof protection style:Class I

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